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Two beautiful white doves being released by the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony in Baltimore, MD.

Dove Release Services For Weddings In Baltimore, MD & Washington DC

Make your wedding ceremony more enchanting by releasing white doves with your soul mate, an event symbolizing purity that you'll remember forever.

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Blessed Memories Dove Release Wedding Dove Release in Baltimore

Here at Blessed Memories Dove Release, we are the preeminent provider of dove releases in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas, with scores of local residents enthusiastically using our doves to add a touch of symbolism to their wedding. White doves have served as visual metaphors for purity, fidelity, undying love, peace, and innocence. In some regions of the world, it is thought that the sight of a dove on one's wedding day serves as a positive symbol of good things to come.

Because doves mate for life, the bride and groom can be easily represented by two doves, who, just like the two lovebirds that just shared their nuptials, will also be together until death does them part. As they take flight to the infinite blue, the doves demonstrate how the bride and groom are about to embark on a new life together.

Two doves about to be released by the bride and bridegroom at a wedding in Baltimore, MD.

The popular bride and groom two dove release.

The cost for our popular two dove release package is $250.

A beautiful, white dove is handed to the bride. With her release of it, she symbolizes the freedom she will give her husband to take flight in the pursuit of his ambitions and professional undertakings, always knowing that no matter how far his career or prospects take him, he will always and unwaveringly make his way back home, drawn by his love and devotion to his wife.

Similarly, a charming, handsome specimen is given to the groom. Upon his release of the bird, he makes a pledge to allow their new life to take off. He also commits to the promise that, regardless of how fanciful and marvelous the life they create together becomes, his ultimate desire will always be to follow the call of his fidelity back home to wherever his wife may be.

Release twelve doves on your special day, our finest offering.

The cost for our finest twelve dove release package is $300.

If you are looking for the crème de la crème on your most special day, our twelve dove release package is the one for you. With this package, the bride and groom will first release two doves into the sky as a demonstration of fidelity and perpetually entwined life paths, and then, ten more doves are released to provide an illustrious fanfare to this joyous occasion!

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