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White doves flying into the sunset in Baltimore, MD.

Memorial & Funeral Dove Release Services In Baltimore, MD & Washington DC

Send our white doves to the heavens, symbolizing a peaceful passing of your loved one and bringing a hint of joy during your toughest times.

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Create a feeling of peace during your darkest times.

The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things we will all endure at some point in our lives. Though nothing can take away the hurt, but the release of a white dove to the heavens will allow you to visually symbolize a peaceful transition for your lost loved one to the Kingdom of God. Across the Baltimore and Washington DC areas, flocks of grieving families have turned to Blessed Memories Dove Release's doves for comfort and reflection during their period of sadness.

To help during this trying time, we offer four different dove release packages. All of our funeral and memorial dove release prices are also discounted compared to any other type of ceremony.

Dove taking off into the sky at a funeral in Baltimore, MD.

The release of a single dove.

The cost for our single dove release package is $225.

Once your newly-departed loved one has reached their final place of rest, a white dove is released at their memorial service and ascends to the heavens from the grave site. The dove's journey upwards represents the peaceful departure into the hereafter by your loved one, and is a calming ceremony that can be performed by someone close to the individual that has returned to Grace.

A single dove release, with three more to accompany.

The cost for our four dove release package is $250.

Though the pain of bereavement can feel insurmountable, ceremonies that allow you to better visualize the serene transition of your beloved can help assuage the turbulent feelings that accompany this tumultuous period. A popular practice is to have a loved one release one dove into the sky, followed by an additional three doves that accompany him. This represents your loved one returning to the Kingdom of Heaven under the guidance and protection of the Holy Trinity. The sight of the four doves flying together brings solace and comfort to those that witness it.

Our seven guardian angels to escort your loved one.

The cost for our seven dove release package is $350.

In this tranquil, contemplative occasion, seven doves representing Guardian Angels are liberated into the heavens, where they lovingly wait to bring the spirit of your relative home in stalwart embrace. A final, single dove representing the consciousness of the departed is released by a loved one, and it joins the awaiting Guardian Angels as they make their way back to the Throne.

An entire flock to deliver your loved one to the heavens.

The cost for our twelve dove release package is $400.

This impressive display blankets the sky with a visual representation of your loved one's return to our Creator, and connotes that, just as some doves follow the one representing your relative, so too will you and those you care for eventually reunite with the departed in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us help you find peace during these trying times.

Call (443) 794-2860 to get started on a memorial ceremony that will properly commemorate and honor the divine journey of your loved one.

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